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MikroTik R11e-2HnD
2.4Ghz miniPCIe adapter card, 800mW

MikroTik R11e-2HnD

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MikroTik R11e-2HnD 2Ghz miniPCI-express, 802.11b/g/n dual chain, 800mW, 2x u.Fl
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R11e-2HnD is a low-profile Lower power version of our 2.4Ghz miniPCIe card - it has a small heat-sink, u.Fl connector and less output power (800mW). Low profile is useful if you need to install the card in device like a laptop.

Model: 2HnD 2HPnD 5HnD
  2HnD 2HPnD 5HnD
Chipset AR9580 AR9580 AR9580
Frequency range 2192-2732 MHz 2192-2732 MHz 4920-5920MHz
Standards 802.11b/g/n 802.11b/g/n 802.11a/n
Max output power 800mW 1000mW 500mW
Format miniPCIe miniPCIe miniPCIe
Dimensions 51 x 30 x 6mm 51 x 30 x 13mm 51 x 30 x 13mm
Connectors 2x uFL 2x MMCX 2x MMCX
Features 9 LED indicators, ESD protection
Temperature Starting -5C to +65C; Operating -30C to +65C
MAX power consumption 5W 7W 5W
TX/RX at MCS0 29dBm / -96dBm 30dBm / -96dBm 26dBm / -96dBm
TX/RX at MCS7 24dBm / -76dBm 24dBm / -76dBm 23dBm / -76dBm
TX/RX at 6Mbit 29dBm / -96dBm 30dBm / -96dBm 27dBm / -96dBm
TX/RX at 54Mbit 25dBm / -80dBm 25dBm / -80dBm 24dBm / -80dBm

Download the MikroTik R11e Data Sheet (PDF).